Who are we? We are a professional model company

Established in 1990, Shenzhen GreenBuilding model design CO.,Ltd is one of the professional model manufacturers in china, which have been specializing in this field for twenty years. The area of our factory is 5000.The employers, more than 100 ,who have rich experience in making model. We have built up a powerful team, including professional designers and technical personnel. Our factory supply ability reach about 10,000 sets each year.


Since its establishment, G&B has grown into an internationally recognized full-service production-oriented enterprise. G&B people with many professional skills and talents can perform assigned tasks in a timely manner without any problems in quality. After-sales maintenance also has an independent department. The production plant is equipped with the latest equipment and tools, and specializes in the use of acrylic plastic, LED lighting systems, 3D stereoscopic engraving, 3D printing, laser cutting and other precision instruments.


Since G&B was founded, it has spared no effort to seek perfection. We have an elite team of highly skilled architectural models, including design teams and R&D departments. Innovating and progressing in the field of model making. Our design team specializes in the tight integration of complex interior design, lighting design, mechanical automation systems and architectural design with the latest technology.


We are composed of 10 senior architects and 17 senior project managers who form a core technical team. Through the effective management of project managers, each step of the model production process is subject to strict quality control, assigned to each project, and each project. The manager will communicate directly with the customer.


From undertaking projects--collecting information--deepening the plan--model making--weekly progress report--product acceptance--after-sales maintenance, we pay attention to every aspect, adhering to the professional, meticulous and thoughtful service philosophy to do every project.

What People Say?


China Evergrande Group

In the past two years, China Evergrande Group has focused on building boutique properties in the residential sector. We have developed high-end properties that have been commissioned by the G&B company as models for many times since 2016. In general, we believe that the model produced by G&B is very realistic and ultimately necessary. The timeliness is very strong. Many times we require tight schedules. In a project with more than 50 residential buildings, only 10 days are spent on the entire model production. They will have a continuous production plan and will not be able to make it because of the short time frame. The quality of the model came out.


Usa Centex

The establishment of a cooperative relationship with G&B was introduced by a friend from a design institute. At first, it was troublesome to move customs from China to the United States to negotiate procedures such as customs clearance and customs clearance. In addition, it was worried about the technology docking and post-installation during the production process. A series of questions, but I will not have these concerns after cooperating with the three projects. G&B's model making technology is very advanced. In the second cooperation, I went to the G&B factory in Shenzhen, China. Their production equipment and the use of 3D printing technology in the sandbox production are very clever, so the model is produced at a relatively low price. The effect is very detailed and very realistic.

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