Professional model industry processing machine—JD80V
The company adopts JD80V, a professional model industry processing machine of Beijing Jingdiao Company, which has high processing precision and smooth movement. Its fine drive control technology and professional rapid processing capability have established a good reputation in the model-making industry.

Three-dimensional carved -JD60V
For the complex three-dimensional model, the JD60V is more sophisticated and is driven by the same drive motor. The JD60V has excellent performance both in terms of machining accuracy and processing speed. The engraving machine has high flatness and high surface finish, with an accuracy of ±0.03mm. It plays an important role in controlling the details of the model and the fineness control and lays a solid foundation.

Laser Cutting Machine - JSA1080
The laser cutting process adopts the international advanced laser JSA1080 laser cutting machine, adopts the international advanced 32-bit high-speed DSP to establish the controller, the performance is greatly improved, the smooth S-type acceleration and deceleration control software design, the action is quick and smooth, and the automatic light attenuation compensation technology is matched Make different cutting sites achieve the desired effect. Equipped with a powerful and rich motion control library, the interpolation accuracy, interpolation speed and practicality are improved. Adopting Japan's six balanced linear motion guides, the trajectory is more sleek and accurate. The light path system uses a fully imported professional laser lens set configuration, and six lens sets can be optionally installed. The flight light path has strong controllability and adjustable control of the slit width and cutting verticality.

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