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Today, the green building model has successfully completed the Poiz Residences project in Singapore. The structure of the overall sand table and the clean and tidy performance of the sand table are highly praised by the customers, and the project will be the first integrated use development project linked to the Singapore Chinese developer and the Potong Pasir subway station.

After living in Singapore for 19 years, Tan Zhiyong, director general of China Metallurgical Industry, understands China better than most of the real Singaporeans. After all, the real estate developer's office is located in Bukit Batok, and a number of residential projects have been developed in the northern Yisun and east of light Bini, and participated in a joint venture in Brazil, three Ba Wan and Wu Lan.

Building 13, Dahe Industrial Zone, Huanguan South Road, Longhua New District, Shenzhen, China.


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